Golf clubs aren't designed to travel. We've all seen those horrendous videos of people getting their clubs back at the airport, and emptying out the heads, now completely removed from the shafts.

Well, the Biggs ORCA is hoping to make the chances of that happening to you much lower.

A full hard-shell case provides the most protection, but they are expensive, and take up a load of space. Soft travel covers are cheaper, and fold up to store away, but just don't offer the same protection.

This half-shell combines the best of both. The business end of your golf clubs is protected with a rock hard ABS shell. Rather than your new titanium driver taking the impact, the shell will instead.

The lower half of the bag is a more convention polyester material, which means it can be folded up, and stored within the hard-shell top. It's also lighter, especially if you face weight restrictions.



  • Hard ABS top shell protects your golf clubs from the majority of damage incurred during travel
  • Polyester lower-half means weight savings, and that it can fold up, and store within the top shell
  • Durable 1860D polyester with anti-burst strapping system, for years of use
  • 2 inline wheels make it easier to move through the airport
  • Fits drivers up to 49" long, and almost all golf bags
  • ID Window
  • 2 External pockets
  • Internal padding for extra protection


Note:  What does Biggs ORCA mean?  A North Pacific ecotype is called Biggs, or transient, ORCAS. They live in small groups, and travel frequently over large home ranges, from Southern California, up to the Arctic Circle. Also, very family-oriented; Biggs ORCAS live in smaller groups, but form close associations with their relatives, and some offspring stay with their mother for life.  A great way to travel; the Biggs ORCA.

ORCA Biggs Travel Cover


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